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Quotes Samara is the best kind of collaborator: she expertly balances creative and business interests to deliver projects that achieve their highest-possible quality. For the last decade, Samara has produced movies with me around the world, showing strong cultural adaptability, universal emotional acuity, and a razor-sharp talent for solving unexpected problems with grace and precision. I recommend her unequivocally and would hire her for a full time, permanent position in a heartbeat if I could. Employers should take special note of her background in education and communication, which makes her the ideal person to share complex ideas in accessible, direct ways, both internally and to clients. She is a powerhouse talent who deserves a position that will empower her to deliver phenomenal results for the right company. Quotes
Ben Dobyns
CEO Zombie Orpheus Entertainment & The Fantasy Network

Quotes Samara has proven to be a valuable collaborator on multiple projects. She has been diligent, proactive, and creative with her contributions to everything we've worked on together. She communicates clearly and efficiently, even in stressful circumstances. She is also possessed of a keen sense of ethics, and I have witnessed her navigate countless sticky situations, large and small, while minimizing hurt feelings and steering projects and people clear of potential disasters. I cannot stress enough how much of a value-add this is for any position. Quotes
L. Gabriel Gonda
Film and Commercial Director